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The Outpost Nine, a Sci-Fi/Horror Text Based Adventure Game. The Outpost, a repurposed mining outpost is manned by a skeleton crew awaiting the arrival of its other crew.

During the wait, the skeleton crew takes in a distressed mining ship, its passenger? An unwanted killer guest. After hiding out away from the monster, the crew plans what to do next.

An episodic adventure, full of twists and turns. Can you survive?

Most of the game is controlled by the mouse. ESC fast forwards text.

Of course, a demo should be free, though if you enjoyed the demo, please consider donating to the project.

Please report any bugs, errors or typos in the comments and I’ll get round to fixing them. If you like the project, head to facebook.com/Outpost9 for more
Any, and all criticism and feedback appreciated.

Hit me up at benjybates@gmail.com for any questions about the project.Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Outpost9Game/


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Really wonderful stuff, like a great blend between Alien and The Thing. You've totally nailed the aesthetics/visual style. Solid writing and interesting characters to boot too. Really looking forward to seeing more from this, will definitely be keeping an eye on the project as it develops. Excellent work.